Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mound School

Mound School1928-peopleMound School '28Mound School '28_1MoundSchool28bMound School28Mound School '28 v2
Mound School '28 v2 (2)MoundSchool28v2MoundSchool28aMoundSchool28dMoundSchool28c

Mound School, a set on Flickr.
This photo was taken in 1928

This photo has 133 people in it and most people are unknown. Several of my great Aunts taught school at Mound School in Prairie Township in Shelby County, Illinois. Mound school was just south of Stewardson and north of Shumway in Banner township in Effingham county, Illinois. The first photo in the set has the people numbered. Below is list of known people in the photo.

1 - Possibly Mildren Bullerman - Daughter of Pearl and William Bullerman (see number 2)

2 - Pearl Williams Bullerman - I am not 100% sure on this one but Bullerman is written over her head so she seems the most likely person. Pearl was the wife of William Bullerman who was the son of Mary Klarman (Mary was William Frederick's sister) and Henry Bullerman. She also taught school. The child she is holding may be her daughter Mildred.

4 - Lora Rentfro(w) Webb - Lora was the daughter of Eli Rentfrow and Margaret Ellen Shouse and married Harry Webb.

7 - Della Webb Rentfro(w) - Della was the sister to Harry Webb and she married Jesse Rentfro(w). Jesse may possibly be 129.

12 - Emma Perryman Klarman - wife of William Frederick Klarman and my great grandmother

15 - Daisy Lipkey - Niece to Emma Perryman Klarman. She was the daughter of Ella Perryman and Louis Lipkey. Ella was Emma's sister.

16 - Dorothy Klarman Lagerhausen - Daughter of Emma Perryman Klarman

31 - Kathleen Dappert

32 - Delbert ? Not sure of the last name but could possibly be Rentfrow

43 - Jake Yakey - He could possible be number 44. The writing is above the building and it is unclear which name below to this men.

44 - Frank Schultz - could possible be number 43. Frank was the brother Louis Schultz who married Grace Klarman who was Emma Perryman Klarman's daughter.

52 - Mabel Schultz

58 - Fred Klarman - son of Emma Perryman Klarman

65 - ??? Keller

66 - Ruby Dappert

94 - Edna Klarman - My grandmother and daughter of Emma Perryman Klarman

99 - Wilma Klarman - daughter of Emma Perryman Klarman

125 - Bill Rentfrow

129 - Possibly Jesse Rentfrow - He is sitting directly under number 7 which would of been his wife.

133 - Possibly William August Bullerman - Son of Mary Klarman and Henry Bullerman. He was husband of Pearl Williams who is possibly number 2.