Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Illinois Resources

I going to make a list of great collections for each state that I have researched. I am starting with Illinois. Here is my list for Illinois.

Illinois Archives - Great resource for searching any ancestors who lived in Illinois. The online resources include the following index of vital records databases that I use frequently.
Many of the records are held in regional archives on public universities. Some that are of interest to me are the following which are all held at at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois.
Illinois Digital Archives - Discovered this one when searching Booth Library on the EIU website. Looks quite interesting. 

Family Search Illinois Databases - The familysearch.org website has several Illinois databases that I have found helpful. The database in particular that I have found helpful is the Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947 database.

Illinois State Genealogical Society - The society has webinars and also holds a conference each year. Members have access to several databases as well. 

Shelby County Historical & Genealogical Society - The society is using the old county jail for the holdings it has which include a large collection of family history books. 

The Illinois Newspaper Project (INP) - An index of all the collections of newspapers holdings from various locations around Illinois.

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